TMRUTropical Metabolism Research Unit (Kingston, Jamaica)
TMRUTacoma Mountain Rescue Unit (Washington)
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Have been used 2 categories of tests: Test regarding the employees' motivation (TMRU) {(TMRU) (69 items) was created by Micle, 2009}.
Examples of items in the ,,Test regarding the employees' motivation" (TMRU): In the kinetotherapist profession I will receive a salary according to the difficulty of the accomplished task (economic motivation); I will have an activity which will offer me opportunity to be informed, to know many new things (cognitive motivation); I will deserve appreciations for the fulfillment of the future work task.
Have been used a motivational test (TMRU) and a test of satisfaction (IVP).
In this sense, we highlighted the following conclusions: In each category-motivation (TMRU), satisfaction (IVP)-there are a number of variables in interrelation position (hypothesis 3, checked).
In each category--motivation (TMRU), satisfaction (IVP) --there are interrelation variables.
Based on the initial report, the incident started when Deveraturda's team was conducting a pre-deployment briefing at the TMRU office in the same location when they were tipped off by a concerned citizen that there were people engaged in drug pushing activities inside Pasay City Public Cemetery.
When the team proceeded to the area to verify the information, the suspected pushers were alerted and successively shot at the TMRU members.