TMSATanker Management and Self Assessment
TMSATransformational Model of Social Activity
TMSATraditional Music & Song Association of Scotland
TMSATexas Middle School Association
TMSATangier-Mediterranean Special Agency
TMSATexas Mini Storage Association
TMSAThe Main Street Academy (College Park, GA)
TMSATheatre Managements of South Africa
TMSATobacco Master Settlement Agreement
TMSATri-state Maritime Safety Association
TMSAThompson Mountain Sportsmen Association
TMSAThe Management Software Association
TMSATotal Molecular Surface Area
TMSATruckee Meadows Service Area
TMSATrent Muslim Students Association
TMSAThibault, Messier, Savard et Associés
TMSATransit Managers and Supervisors Association
TMSATulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area (Oklahoma)
TMSATechnical Marketing Society of America
TMSATurken, Marokkanen, Surinamers en Antilianen (Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Antilleans)
TMSAThe Montessori School of the Angels
TMSAThunder Mountain Soccer Association (Grand Junction, CO, USA)
TMSATuen Mun Swimming Association (Hong Kong)
TMSATauranga Marine Services Association (New Zealand)
TMSAThornhill Minor Softball Association (Canada)
TMSASeaman Apprentice, Torpedoman Striker (naval rating)
TMSATropomyosin, Skeletal Muscle Alpha
TMSATransportes Menorca SA
TMSATaiwan Man-Made Fiber Spinners' Association
TMSATahlequah Main Street Association
TMSATech Medical Student Association (Texas Tech University)
TMSATexas Member Services Association
TMSAToyota Motor Sales Australia
TMSATorbay Minor Soccer Association
TMSATechnion Medical Student Association
TMSATime Management Situation Assessment
TMSATheory of Multiple Separate Ancestries
TMSATapered Meander Slot Antenna
TMSATriangular Microstrip Antenna
TMSATaiwanese and Mandarin Students’ Association
TMSATamil Nadu Motorcycle Sports Association
TMSATennessee Main Street Association
TMSATechnical and Management Staffing Associates, LLC
TMSATransportation Modeling for Street Analysis
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Paratypes: 5 [male] 10 [female] same data as holotype (PSC, PMC, TMSA, MRAC); 1 [male] 4 [female] 'IVORY COAST, NE, Comoe National Park, ix.
Hassan Abkari, deputy director-general of TMSA, told Maghreb Arab Press that this initiative, adopted by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, is designed to improve passenger comfort and optimize the time they spend transiting through the port.According to a statement from TMSA, the peak of the Marhaba operation was recorded during the weekend of August 3-4.
The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) helps its members and their companies to make sales, marketing and communications strategies more effective, productive, and profitable.
Ainsi en a decide le 30 mars 2016 l'Agence speciale Tanger Mediterrane (TMSA).
She followed this with Come GieS a Sang, (7) published for the Silver jubilee of Scotland's Traditional Music and Song Association (TMSA).
Moreover, we are rated a 'better operator' by the Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) programme.
Na fisioterapia aquatica utilizou-se o aquecimento, alongamentos passivos de membros inferiores, terapia manual subaquatica (TMSA), Bad Ragaz, hidrocinesioterapia, propriocepcao aquatica e relaxamento.
of the -7.799 [+ or -] 0.918 -8.495 molecular dipole (a) PNSA-2 Total charge weighted -0.036 [+ or -] 0.005 -7.757 PNSA Final heat of formation -0.059 [+ or -] 0.016 -3.596 [R.sup.2] = 0.85, F = 63.64, RMS = 12.24, [] = 0.80 (a) TMSA: total molecular surface area; PNSA: partial negative surface area; PPSA: partial positive surface area.
Mbogho, waveswept reed grass clumps, L-1203 (DHJC, NHMW, NMSA, SANC, TMSA, UMC, WSUC; 98 [male], 96 [female], 203 nymphs); Tanganyika Terr., Kirando [Kiranda?], 14.X.1926, Dr C.
This leaves a gap for the provision of support under the other two pillars of market integration and industrial development aACAo where the UKaACAOs Department for International Development (DFID) has so far been providing administrative, technical and financial support to the Tripartite process through Trademark Southern Africa (TMSA) and Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA).
Situe a l'est du complexe portuaire "Tanger Med", dans la province Fahs Anjra a Tanger, le projet sera realise sur une periode de 26 mois dans le cadre d'un partenariat entre l'Agence speciale Tanger Mediterranee (TMSA) et le ministere de l'Agriculture et de la Peche maritime.
Located roughly 40 km east of Tangier, the port has world-class ambitions, and is expected to service 8 million containers per year by 2016 (TMSA, 2010).