TMSBThe Magic School Bus (series)
TMSBTropomyosin, Skeletal Muscle Beta
TMSBTurtle Mountain State Bank (Belcourt, ND)
TMSBTrain Miniature Sud Beaujolais (French: Miniature Train South Beaujolais; France)
TMSBTitisan Modal Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
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When Mantel's Cromwell describes the evening at More's home as spending time in Utopia while discussing "the vices and follies of women" (194), she presents a different picture from Erasmus's statement that More never "dismissed anyone as a result of ill feeling on either side" and that his "household seems to enjoy a kind of natural felicity" (TMSB, 9).
(67.) "Letter from Alice Alington to Margaret Roper" (August, 17 1534), TMSB, 317.
(68.) "Letter from Margaret Roper to Alice Alington" (August 1534), TMSB, 323.
The CG was referring to the fact that the Training Materials Support Branch (TMSB) in 2009 printed almost 20 million pages of courseware for the classes at the Intelligence School.
Vee Herrington, the Chief of the Library Division, which also includes TMSB and the Virtual Footlocker, to investigate alternative ways to deliver the course materials.
It is controlled and maintained by the USAIC Training Materials Support Branch (TMSB) and the MI Library.