TMSDThe Mid-Summer Derby (band)
TMSDTiny Minds Seldom Differ
TMSDTraining Media Support Directorate (US Army)
TMSDTotal Military Service to Date
TMSDType Model Series Designator
TMSDTürkiye Makarna Sanayicileri Dernei (Turkish: Pasta Industrialists Association of Turkey; Ankara, Turkey)
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100 mg of meat fat (chicken) and cheese fat (Parmigiano Reggiano) both negative to CPFAs were spiked with the appropriate amount of CPFA and TMSD solutions and taken to the volume of 1 mL of CD[Cl.sub.3] to obtain the same final concentrations reported above for standard solutions.
100 mg of fat was dissolved in 1 mL of CD[Cl.sub.3] containing 0.01 mg of TMSD as internal standard.
CPFA concentrations were obtained by integrating the peak area of the [sup.1]H NMR signal at -0.35 ppm and the methyl signal of the trimethylsilyl group of the internal standard (TMSD) at 0.1 ppm.
Because the integral of a given peak in a [sup.1]H NMR spectrum is directly proportional to a corresponding number of resonant nuclei, peak areas of CPFA cis-methylene proton can be compared with the peak area of TMSD trimethylsilyl group close to 0.1 ppm and used for the determination of total CPFA content.
The model testing for the indirect effect of rumination on depressive symptomatology through decentering but assessed by TMS' decentering subscale (TMSD; Figure 3) revealed that the direct effect of TMSD on depression was nonsignificant ([[beta].sub.TMSD] = -.002; [SE.sub.b] = .075; Z = -.034; p = .973).
Analysis of factors affecting tourism development in Shiraz: SWOT Sterategic Model, The first international conference on tourism management & sustainable development (TMSD), Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht, Iran.
Roland Daigle, a chemist at pharmaceutical company Sepracor Canada in Windsor, N.S., died in October 2008 after working with TMSD in a fumehood that had been shut down due to a renovation on the roof of the facility.
TMSD is used as a methylating agent in organic synthesis and is often used in place of diazomethane, which is known to be harmful to lungs.
The overall objective of this research project is to prepare methyl esters of n-6 fatty acids and n-3 fatty acids for gas chromatographic analysis by treatment with acetone-methanol (350 micro-liters of 20% methanol in acetone) and TMSD (trimethyl silyl diazomethane).
For these reasons, both Stadhagen and Minister of Defense Jose Adan Guerra have said that, because Nicaragua is a signatory to the TMSD, which guarantees regional peace, the nonaggression pact suggested by Fisk would be redundant.