TMSOTokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (Japan)
TMSOTreasury Management Sales Officer (various companies)
TMSOTelecommunications Management & Services Office
TMSOTurn My Swag On (Soulja Boy song)
TMSOTheocratic Ministry School Overseer
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and [H[(TMSO).sub.2]] [Ru[Cl.sub.4](TMSO)(CO)].--The synthesis,
[H[(TMSO).sub.2]][Ru[Cl.sub.4](TMSO)(CO)] (2) are reported.
[mer-Ru[Cl.sub.3][(TMSO).sub.3]] and [H(TMSO)][Ru[Cl.sub.4](TMSO)2] with
carbon monoxide in the presence or absence of TMSO at ambient
In this case, the test cables are disconnected from the coax-to-waveguide adapters, there are no 6 dB attenuators and a TMSO calibration is performed at the ends of the test set cables.