TMSPTable Mountain Star Party (astronomy group)
TMSPThird Meeting of States Parties
TMSPTechnology Management Strategic Plan
TMSPTechnical Manual Stock Publication
TMSPTelecom and Management SudParis (French Engineering & Business school)
TMSPTuen Mun Swimming Pool (Hong Kong)
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The pellet obtained was suspended in PBS with 20% [D.sub.2]O and 2 mM TMSP and transferred into the NMR microtube.
Chemical shifts ([delta]) are given in ppm relative to TMSP: (C[H.sub.3)3]Si(C[D.sub.2)2]C[O.sub.2]Na, sodium 3-trimethylsilyl-propionate-2,2,3,3-[d.sub.4], set at 0 ppm.
where [Metabolite] and [TMSP] are metabolite concentrations in mM of a metabolite and reference, respectively; and, PA refers to peak integration from NMR signal of the particular metabolite M or TMSP. Percent relative change after selenium treatment compared to untreated control cells was calculated by: % Relative Change = ([PA.sub.treated-[PA.sub.untreated] /[PA.sub.untreated) X 100.
Peaks were calibrated and corrected based on a TMSP standard (0 ppm), and were assigned according to literature values (Govindaraju et al.
Procurement the Acquisition Is the Provision of Design Services and Execution of Works to Implement the Investment Project Turn Metal Sinpetru - Tmsp 2015, in Hunedoara: A) Construction and Installation of A Metal Self-Supporting Tower, Including Protection Equipment (Air Buoy, the Lightning Protection and Earthing and Potential Equalization) and A Defensive Fence; B) the Electric Connection for the Investment Objective; C) Construction of A Shelter Generator, Including the Provision of A Generator; D) the Construction of Three Platforms of Reinforced Concrete for the Installation of Two Shelters Shelter Generator and Equipment, the Latter Being Provided By the Contracting Authority.
Spectral intensities were scaled to trimethylsilyl propionic acid sodium salt (TMSP) and reduced to integrated regions of equal width (0.04) corresponding to d 0.4 d 10.0.
The lyophilisates were reconstituted in 600 [mu]L [D.sub.2]O containing 0.25 mM TMSP (as a chemical shift reference at 0 ppm).
Chemical shifts (ppm) are relative to TMSP ([.sup.1]H, [delta]).
As mentioned before, total NMR spectral area of each extraction was normalized to sample mass and TMSP signal area in order to compare yields between liquid membranes.
The lyophilized extracts were re-suspended with sodium phosphate buffer in D2O (0.1 M) containing TMSP as an internal chemical shift standard.
TMSP has long recognized the importance of getting youth involved in astronomy.
In addition to providing an opportunity to look through scores of telescopes of all shapes and sizes and hear a variety of invited talks, TMSP also features commercial vendors, games, raffles, telescope merit awards, and a flea market.