TMSSTrademark Security System (Sega Genesis)
TMSSTrailer Mounted Support System (US DoD)
TMSSTisdale Middle and Secondary School (Canada)
TMSSTransportation Management Services Solution (US GSA)
TMSSTechnical Manual Specifications & Standards (US DoD)
TMSSTelemetry Subsystem (European Space Agency)
TMSSThinking Man's Sex Symbol
TMSSTransportable Mission Support System (US DoD)
TMSSTamborine Mountain State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
TMSSTailor Made Software Solutions (New Zealand)
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Automated workflows typically offered in TMSs for managing these functions include business validations such as checking of BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and signing administration to ensure that payment approval controls correspond with an organization's internal control policies.
Dyer, two volumes, Waugh, Sydney TMSS Transactions of the Manchester Statistical Society.
The tourists are fascinated to see the panoramic spots of hilly Khagrachhari as Thengamara Mahila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS), an NGO, has taken the charge of the motel for over two years and trying to improve service and facilities, sources said.
Internal Mathematics Performance New findings from the 2003 TMSS and PISA.
Once fully developed, TMSS will allow customers to manage transportation from the time a shipment is booked until payment is made.
Goetz and Sen Gupta have investigated whether female members of Grameen Bank, BRAC, TMSS, and RD-12 actually control their credit.
Transportation services obtained under TMSS are exempt from the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA).
In Stage 4 all nine TMSs are individually calibrated in their place of use and at their normal operating conditions using natural gas as a working fluid.
Crude by today's standards, Leighton and Neugebauer's Two-Micron Sky Survey (TMSS) detected sources with K-band brightnesses as faint as only 3rd magnitude--despite using a 62-inch telescope--and its spatial resolution was as coarse as a few arcminutes.
The Rockies's thin-client system consists of three Wyse touch-screen computer terminals -- the thin-clients--connected to a Microsoft windows NT sever computer, which runs an application called Time Management Scheduling System 2000 (TMSS).
Special emphasis has been placed on documentation in the category TMSS (Technical Manual Specification & Standards).