TMTBThe More the Better
TMTBTribunalul Militar Teritorial Bucuresti (Romanian: Bucharest Territory Military Tribunal)
TMTBTerra Mining Testbed
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In our study a significant improvement in the TMTB was observed before returning to sports.
For zeaxanthin, odds ratios (ORs) were as follows: OR(DSS) = 1.97 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.21-3.20), OR(FTT) = 1.70 (CI = 1.05-2.74), and OR(WFT) = 1.82 (CI = 1.08-3.07); for lycopene, OR(DSS) = 1.93 (CI = 1.20-3.12) and OR(TMTB) = 1.64 (CI = 1.04-2.59).
TABLA 1 Correlacion entre el desempeno en las pruebas Token Test, Trail Making Test forma A-B (TMTA y TMTB), Cuestionario de reconocimiento F2 (CRF2), Recuerdo libre F2 (RLF2) y Lobectomia temporal (Lobect).