TMTGTactical Missile Training Group
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cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] to buy, sell or trade TMTG on," the company said in a statement.
"We at TMTG thought deeply about how virtual money could bring value to the everyday lives of many people," DGE CEO Nathan Ryu was quoted in the statement as saying.
TMTG is the cryptocurrency based on blockchain and Ethereum (ETH).
An official at the company explained, 'TMTG stands for The Midas Touch Gold, and the name itself was inspired by the Greek myth of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold.'
Admiral Ertugrul said the grant objective of TMTG exercise was to support the ongoing United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operations worldwide, and ensuring maritime security.
The reactive diluent selected for the study is TMTG purchased by Aldrich.
Component/code 100D 90D10T 80D20T 60D40T (a) Without modifier DGBBA 80.88 72.50 64.18 47.71 TMTG 0 8.06 16.04 31.81 DETDA 19.12 19.44 19.78 20.48 H40 0 0 0 0 Component/code 100D10H40 90D10T10H40 80D20T10H40 60D40T10H40 (b) With modifier DGEBA 72.79 65.25 57.76 42.94 TMTG 0 7.25 14.44 28.63 DETDA 17.21 17.50 17.80 18.43 H40 10 10 10 10
Under the terms of the agreement, the patients using Regen's medical service would be able to pay for the service using Digital Gold Exchange's TMTG coin.
DGE will provide the technological basis for the payment system using their coin TMTG, while Regen Medical Group will provide their medical service.
Ships belong to the TMTG travelled 27 African countries for about 15,000 nautical miles approximately 30,000 km throughout their sail between the dates of March 17-June 27.
TMTG armada consisting Heybeliada, Oruc Reis, Gediz warships and Kudret GE-ngE[micro]r Logistic replenishment ship arrived GE[micro]lcE-k Naval Base Commandership after completing its successful mission.
Barbaros TMTG, which left from northern Turkish GE[micro]lcE-k Harbor on March 17 is aiming at the increase the visibility of Turkish maritime force around the world and also strengthen the relations with African countries and increase movement capability beyond its main base.