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Tmth itself cannot, according to Schopenhauer, be acquired by words; and language cannot in itself be instrumental in dismantling truth.
Therefore, Atanassov introduce Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets (IFS) [9,10] which can represent tmth membership function T(x) as well as falsity membership function F(x), they satisfy the condition T(x), F(x) [member of] [0,1] and 0 [less than or equal to] T(x) + F(x) [less than or equal to] 1.
Redpath takes Descartes to task for the banishment of metaphysics, beginning with his conflation of the notions of tmth, science, and wisdom.
Thus, if we are to speak of the clearing as mirroring the meontological nature of Dao in a way that avoids hints of creatio ex nihilo, we cannot characterize its capacity to act as the unconcealing ground of tmth in terms of the free or not, for to do so would imply that freedom operates exclusively from both nothingness and Dao.
Masterson brings out many attractive features of Thomism: that it is focused on real entities that we encounter as existent; that such entities in their way of existing give off clues ("ciphers") of something that is needed to account for their "being there" at all; that thinking about these indications leads, not to intuition of the ultimate cause, but to recognition of the tmth of judgments about a necessary origin that surpasses anything we could hope to experience; and that we can nonetheless legitimately draw other inferences about some of the attributes of this subsisting esse, even though all we know of it is that it is the cause of the existence of the things that we experience.
and"in to Tr Tmth y "So I have to be concerned in the back of my head as to whether or not the Treasury are playing a more negative role than they were playing two years ago."