TMTPTree Based Multicast Transport Protocol
TMTPTivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance
TMTPTivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance (IBM)
TMTPTree-Based Multicast Transport Protocol
TMTPTodd Mountain Theater Project (est. 1999; Arkville, NY)
TMTPThe Musical Theater Project (Lakewood, OH)
TMTPTri-M-Tolyl Phosphate (neurotoxin)
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Protocolo Control de congestion Segun TCP RDCM Window-based BIC NORM Rate-based TCP-Friendly PGM Window-based TCP-Friendly RMTP Window-based slow-start Window-based TMTP Rate-based --
Each cohort of TMTP teachers spent a two-week summer session using various technologies to explore mathematics activities and discuss appropriate ways to use technology with their high school students.
Because a goal of the TMTP is to build a community of teachers, the project supports a web page with resources to promote teacher inquiry and collaboration.
First Class also allows for real-time chat with other users, although this feature of the software was not utilized by the TMTP. The TMTP staff believed that providing the opportunity for teachers to engage in asynchronous discussions through First Class would strengthen professional culture and further support the participants' professional development.
The project director posted an introductory message to the discussion board welcoming teachers to the site: Welcome to the TMTP discussion forum.
Why did TMTP teachers choose not to participate in the online discussion forum?
From the perspective of the TMTP staff, it was inappropriately assumed that because Cohort 1 teachers had the necessary access to and experience with networking technology, online discussions would naturally unfold.
During year one this lesson became evident to the TMTP.
In response to such overwhelming nonparticipation during the first year of the TMTP, two purposive actions were taken with Cohort 2 (n = 11) to encourage online participation.
All teachers again responded to this prompt in a thoughtful manner, often writing several paragraphs about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching lessons using "messy data." A TMTP instructor posted his own responses to several of the teachers' comments for all to read in an attempt to generate a thread of discussion.
As the TMTP transitioned to the follow-up session phase, the project encouraged online participation by providing motivating prompts as requested by the Cohort 1 teachers.
Most of the 13 insurers with a ratio below 100% excluding TMTPs, along with several other insurers with ratios only just over 100%, are relatively small and may not have the scale to operate profitably in the longer term, regardless of their capital position.