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TMVTrue Market Value
TMVTobacco Mosaic Virus
TMVThe Mars Volta (band)
TMVThermostatic Mixer Valve (water management)
TMVToxicity, Mobility or Volume
TMVTraversée du Massif Vosgien (French: Crossing the Vosges Mountains; mountain bike trail)
TMVTom, Molly and Veronica (CNET podcast and forum personalities)
TMVTailored Mini-Vast (Electronic Component Test System)
TMVTotal Maternal Value (breeding)
TMVTactical Mobile Variant (US Navy tactical mobile systems family)
TMVThe Moderate Voice (est. 2003)
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By either controlling or managing those physical assets (the vast majority are nonTenaska assets), TMV can trade around them and extract the inefficiencies in the marketplace that exist around that capacity and share the value with its customers.
En el AVP se utilizo la abundancia inicial considerando el TMV (ver Resultados) con X = 1 [+ o -] 0.
Las membranas electrotransferidas conteniendo la proteina de capside viral se incubaron con los anticuerpos policlonales (0,1ng/ml) contra los siguientes virus (American Type Culture Collection ATCC, Rockville, Maryland, EEUU): TMV (Tobacco mosaic virus), ORSV (Odontoglosum ringspot), CGMMV (Cucumber green mottle mosaic), PMMV (Pepper mild mosaic), FrMV (Frangipani mosaic) y KGMMV (Kyuri green mottle mosaic).
S] cultivar K326 and approximately 200 testcross progeny from each cross were inoculated with TMV by the procedure described above.
The main outcome variable, differences in TMV, was compared over 2 distinct time periods: TMV-W (difference in TMV at 1 week and baseline) and TMV-M (difference in TMV at 1 month and baseline).
In other words, you create your best deal based on TMV, and then lower it by whatever the rebate is.
Considering the entire set of 30 lines, the two traits, TMV and MON, are negatively correlated (r = -0.
If the price quote you get is at TMV or below, you're in good shape; if it's higher, call back to negotiate a figure that meets the TMV[R] price.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2012-Amkor grants non-exclusive license of its proprietary TMV technology to Shinko Electric Industries(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Power Sources Unlimited has announced the Tracopower TMV and TMV-EN Series of miniature SIP DC/DC converters for applications such as medical or information technology with high isolation requirements.
THE DOMINANT GENE N localizes TMV infection by a hypersensitive response, and was originally transferred to cultivated tobacco from N.