TMVBTrans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
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Mexico City's Metropolitan Area (MCMA) is located within the endorheic Basin of Mexico on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB) between lati-tudes 20[degrees]04' 02" and 18[degrees] 55' 08" N and longitudes 98[degrees]3 4' 08" and 99[degrees] 39' 06" W, covering an area of 7661.06 [km.sup.2] (INEGI 2014a and 2014b).
Uprisings of the continent from the Late Paleocene to the Early Eocene lead to the formation of the TMVB. The region was bordered counterclockwise by mountain ranges from the Sierra Nevada to the E to the Sierra de las Cruces to the W; this allowed the region to drain S into the Balsas River and later to the Pacific Ocean (Padilla y Sanchez 1989).
Poeciliopsis infans (Poeciliidae) is a live-bearing, freshwater fish found widely across the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB).