TMWRTax Management Weekly Report (Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.)
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The operating efficiency of the heat pump ([COP.sub.heqp] and [EER.sub.ceqp]), which does not include any pumping power, was determined as a function of the measured source-side and load-side leaving water temperatures (TMWR and THPS).
Description of the Collected Data Points Data Description Unit Point TMWS Mine-water loop supply temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) TMWR Mine-water loop return temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) FMW Mine-water loop flow rate gpm (L/s) THPS Heat pump loop supply temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) THPR Heat pump loop return temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) TBHS Building hot-water loop [degrees]F ([degrees]C) supply temperature TBHR Building hot-water loop [degrees]F ([degrees]C) return temperature FBH Building hot-water loop flow rate gpm (L/s) TOA Ambient air temperature [degrees]F ([degrees]C) Table 2.