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TNAAThermal Neutron Activation Analysis
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To detect '6S rRNA [17], mdh [9], phoE [2], gadA/B [21], lacZ [5], uidA ([22], cadA and tnaA (Camilla et al., 2007) genes, we applied specific primers listed in Table 2 which all were introduced by investigators.
The percentages of total neutral AA (TNAA) ranged from 50.9-54.5, indicating that these formed the bulk of the AA; total acidic AA (TAAA) ranged from 29.5-29.9, which was lower than the% TNAA, while the percent range in total basic AA (TBAA) was 16.0-19.2, which made them the third largest group among the samples.
The concentration of tNAA [(N-acetylaspartate (NAA)+NAA glutamate (NAAG)] was observed to be significantly lower (P<0.05) in apnoeics in the left temporal (7.3 [+ or -] 2.1vs 8.5 [+ or -] 0.8 mmol/l) and left frontal regions (6.4 [+ or -] 0.30 vs 6.8 [+ or -] 0.23 mmol/l) compared to non-apnoeics (Figs 3, 4).
The minimum oxygen saturation significantly correlated with tNAA in left temporal region (r=0.39 & P=0.01) and left frontal gray region (r=0.61 & P=0.04).
(10) Both animal and human data have confirmed a new spectrum adjacent to the tNAA resonance with a resonance frequency of approximately 2.07 ppm which has been assigned to the N-acetyl moiety of N-acetylhexosamine (NAHex).
Each isolate was therefore designated by a 10-integer number (the allelic profile), which corresponds to the allele numbers at the 10 loci in the following order: glp, gyrB, mdh, metG, purM, dtdS, lysA, pntA, pyrC, and tnaA. Isolates with the same allelic profile are assigned to the same sequence type (ST), which were numbered in the order of their identification (ST-1, ST-2, and so on).
of polymorphic Locus fragment (bp) identified sites (%) glp 480 38 46 (9.6) gyrB 459 31 34 (7.4) mdh 489 29 30 (6.1) metG 429 31 37 (8.6) purM 444 28 39 (8.8) dtdS 417 46 56 (13.4) lysA 465 41 78 (16.8) pntA 396 32 35 (8.8) pyrC 423 35 50 (11.8) tnaA 324 32 42 (12.9) Position in V.
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Out of 189 isolates, 188 (99.47%), 188 (99.47%) and 172 (91.00%) were positive for tryptophanase, [beta]-D-glucuronidase and lysine decarboxylase enzymes and 188 (99.47%), 187 (98.94%) and 170 (89.94%) were positive for tnaA, uidA and cadA, respectively.
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