TNAGTeilifis Na Gaeilge (Gaelic television)
TNAGTactical Network Advisory Group
TNAGThe New American Gentry (eBay company)
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"It's still TnaG; it's just the branding that's changed."
After spending two years at TnaG she moved to Dublin to take part in another broadcasting milestone - the launch of the country's first commercial station TV3.
TnaG first came on air in 1996 and is currently part of RTE.
And she will feature in a regular motor racing programme, Racing Green Ireland, which will be shown on both Sky Sport and TnaG.
People said I was mad to leave TnaG as it was known when I worked there and then they said I was a bit of a scatterbrain to leave TV3 when it was established and successful.
Occupation: Presenter and researcher on 'Hollywood Anocht' - a weekly movie review show for TnaG.
The native-Irish speaker had earlier made her TV breakthrough with TnaG. Her son Conaill, who lives with her parents in Galway, is now five.
TnaG's Galway town and all its characters meet up with their Celtic cousins in a special episode to mark the 30th anniversary of Wales' favourite show.
The first break for the former schoolteacher was a stint in TnaG which led to RTE as presenter of Echo Island.
Since its name change from TnaG, the station has steadily captured a niche corner of the TV market.
It's not fair, they cry, because as TnaG it was supposed to perform a public service by helping preserve the Irish language.