TNAPTransportation Network and Airfield Pavement (logistics; various organizations)
TNAPTissue-Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase
TNAPToledo North Assembly Plant (DaimlerChrysler plant in Toledo, OH)
TNAPThe National Anthem Project (National Association for Music Education)
TNAPTransport Network Access Point
TNAPTelephone Number Analysis Program
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The Sari-Sari Store Convention will be open to all TNAP members; their TNAP card will serve as the pass for the event.
Based on clinical studies [19, 28, 29] and animal experiments [6,19, 25, 26, 74, 75], Lalles [10] observed that IAP is reduced, but TNAP is upregulated in IBD.
Here, we report similar results, even in the presence of complete medium, as shown by reduced mRNA levels of OCT4, NANOG, ZFP42, and TNAP, diminished Oct4 and Nanog protein and reduction in alkaline phosphatase activity.
hypertrophic), the expression levels of TNAP, NPP1, or other proteins that affect Pi and PPi concentrations and the balance between pro- and anti-calcification factors, and this ratio may serve as an indicator of the calcification process.
Clasicamente las CGP en el embrion son marcadas con TNAP, sin embargo este marcador no es especifico para estas celulas ya que tambien es expresado por las celulas somaticas que las rodean (Saiti & Lacham-Kaplan, 2007).
The online grocery service would be offered initially to TNAP members since Puregold wanted to study the said scheme first prior to making it available to the general public.
NGLS will cease trading on the NYSE and rebalancing of TNAP, TMLP and TYLD constituents will occur following the close of the transaction which is expected to occur on Feb.
For example, BGLAP/osteocalcin induced cartilage calcification [39], forced overexpression of Runx2 or TNAP, upregulated osteoblast-specific genes, and enhanced mineralization [60, 61].
Through the beginning effort of TNAP, donors have contributed more than $5000 since early May 2009, to partially fund a micro-credit loan for one Kenyan registered nurse, Jocelyn Macharia, who began graduate studies in Pastoral Care and HIV/AIDS at St.
Modine's plant racked up just a 12 parts-per-million reject rate for cooling modules delivered to TNAP. That rate amounts to just two rejects for more than 200,000 units shipped.
The analogy is actually of a system that stretches 9.5 miles, from the loading dock at Northwood to the line-side at the DaimlerChrysler Toledo North Assembly Plant (TNAP), home of the new Jeep Liberty.