TNASTecnica Naturale Anti-Stress (Italian: Natural Anti-Stress Technique)
TNASTriangle Native American Society (est. 1983; North Carolina)
TNASTelephone Network Access Subsystem
TNASTelephone Network Access System
TNASTransmission Network Administration System
TNASTrade Negotiations Analysis System (Australia)
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The database provides accurate fund-specific information at the monthly level (such as fund returns and TNA), and detailed information on funds' portfolio holdings from March 2003 onward.
And, if after completing their training TNAs then want to become fully qualified nurses they can access a fast-track course of just 18 months!
The ignition delay for the two fuels at different loads is shown in Figure 13 with respect to different TNAs. Several observations are made:
This will include the tna ropac 5, a new ultra-high speed case packer for flexible bags.
During her recent visit to Tacloban City, one of the areas worst-hit by the killer typhoon, Director Steele also gave assistance to the Barangay Basper Farmers Association, the TNAS General Parent-Teacher Association, the Tagpuro Women's Seaweed Association, and the Old Kawayan Fisherfolks Association.
(7) E Lubrano, 'Il Tribunale Nazionale Arbitrale per lo Sport (TNAS): Analisi della Giurisprudenza (2009-2010) e della Natura delle Relative Decisioni (2010) 3 Rivista di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport' 6.
In the present work, we have fabricated Mo,N-codoped TNAs by magnetron sputtering of Mo on the electrochemically anodized TNAs.
Figure 2 compares the [PFAT.sub.5] levels of the TNAs stored in the 1 L EVA containers and exposed to various agitation conditions (e.g., resting versus gentle rocking versus continuous shaking) for 24 hours.
In our previous work, we reported the effects of geometric and crystal structures on the photoelectrical properties of TNAs and the enhanced photoelectrochemical property of nitrogen-doped TNAs [21, 22].
Moreover, it should also be noted that it has been the case for centuries that some states are less powerful than transnational economic and religious organisations and other TNAs. However, this does not undermine the legitimacy of states since it is incorrect to equate foreign policy legitimacy with power when, actually, foreign policy legitimacy must be equated with the legitimacy that statehood provides.
TNAs would then take into consideration the well-being needs of the business as well as those of the people and evaluation would measure behavioural change as well as quantitative organisational indicators.