TNBPTri-N-butyl Phosphate (solvent)
TNBPTumko Na Bhool Payenge (movie)
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Analysis of the TNBP with the CAMNEA method showed that their median concentration in the plant was 1.81 x [10.sup.6] cells/[m.sup.3], which was about 4 orders of magnitude more than the concentration of viable bacteria (Wilcoxon test: p < 0.01).
Calculations of Spearman's rank correlation coefficient based on the data obtained by the BS showed strong, significant correlations (p < 0.05) between endotoxins, viable bacteria (r = 0.75) and TNBP concentrations (r = 0.76) as well as between PGs and TNBP concentrations (r = 0.72) (Table 4).
Extraction Detection Targets Recovery (%) method LLE (25 mL, LC-MS/MS TnBP, TEHP 80-94 DCM) SPE(HLB) LC-MS/MS TnBP, TEHP TnBP: 65-90 (>60min) TEHP: 50-70 SPE (HLB) GC-NPD TiBP, TnBP, (2000 mL TCEP, TCPP, 24-109 sample) TDCP, TBEP, TPhP, TEHP, and TPPO SPME (PDMS-DVB GC-NPD Ditto 26.7-119.2 fiber, 20 mL, 30 min) MA-HS-SPME GC-MS TnBP, TEHP 86-106 (PDMS-DVB) (SIM) fiber, 20 mL, 5 min SPME (IL-based GC-FPD TPrP, TnBP, 73.2-101.8 sol-gel TCEP, TCPP, fiber, 10 mL, TPhP, TEHP, 20-80 min) and TCrP MASE (3h) LC-MS/MS TnBP 100-112 DLLME (10 min) GC-NPD TnBP, TEHP TnBP: 94-104 TEHP: 40-114 SFO-DLLME LC-MS/MS TEP, TBP, TEP: 48-58, (8 mL, TCEP, 86-113 12 min) TBEP, TCPP, for others TTP, TPhP, and TEHP Extraction RSD (%) LOD (ng/L) Ref.
As illustrated in Figure 11, TNBP has not been as cheap relative to ROSN since May 2010.
We are less optimistic about TNK-BP Holding (TNBP RX, TNBPP RX), the key subsidiary of TNK-BP.
According to Interfax with reference to Sky News, AAR is negotiating with Rosneft (ROSN RX, ROSN LI) to sell its 50% stake in TNK-BP (TNBP RX, TNBPP RX) for $28b.
TNBP RX, TNBPP RX TNK-BP BoD meeting on October 4-5 may question payment of interim dividends.
Interfax quoted unnamed source saying that TNK-BP (TNBP RX, TNBPP RX) BoD meeting on October 4-5 may question payment of interim dividends.
19.09.12 TNBP RX, TNBPP RX, ROSN RX Vladimir Putin and Igor Sechin met with BP officials to discuss conditions of possible acquisition by Rosneft of 50% stake in TNK-BP.
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Today TNK-BP Int., the parent company for TNK-BP Holding (TNBP RX, TNBNPP RX), presented 2Q and 1H 2012 IFRS results (previously reported under US GAAP).
According to Bloomberg, AAR could make an offer to buy 50% of BP share in TNK-BP Limited, the parent company for TNK-BP Holding (TNBP RX, TNBPP RX), within the next two weeks.