TNBTTetrabutyl Titanate
TNBTTaman Nasional Bukit Tigapuluh (Indonesian: Thirty Hill National Park)
TNBTThe Next Big Thing
TNBTThe Next Best Thing (band)
TNBTTetra-Nitro-Blue-Tetrazolium (microbiology)
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TNBT challenge is a global initiative of Nestle in association with ad:tech with the aim to build a platform that brings entrepreneurs and marketing leaders together and kick-start collaborations.
In addition, we're still looking to develop further at least three more TNBT ideas - but on a GMC-only basis.
Oxidant activity in the arteriolar wall was measured with the tetranitroblue tetrazolium (TNBT) reduction method, which provides a general index of microvascular oxidant stress (Lenda and Boegehold 2002).
Calculated light absorption (from deposits of formazan, the reduction product of TNBT and reactive oxygen species) in the microvascular wall from rats exposed to 0.25 mg ROFA was significantly greater than that from saline-treated rats.