TNDSTotal Network Data System
TNDSTotal Network Data System (Sprint)
TNDSTaman Nasional Danau Sentarum (Indonesian national park)
TNDST1 Network Diagnostic System (Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology)
TNDSTransdermal Nicotine Delivery System
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The landscape architect is Martin Smith of Larson Burns Smith of Little Rock, and Architects Southwest of Lafayette, La., which has designed other TNDs, planned Rockwater.
That's where you get the TND. You've got a sense of a main street.
These plans seek to identify and preserve open space, including farmland, and cluster the inevitable development into higher-density TNDs. To prevent challenges under the Bert Harris Act, (26) communities have preferred to achieve objectives through marketplace mechanisms, particularly the use of Transferable Development Rights.
The neighborhoods Wieland builds are becoming increasingly diverse, with mixed-use and traditional neighborhood developments (TND) added to the mix in recent years.
NU is an umbrella term, encompassing the traditional neighborhood development (TND), or "neotraditional" town planning, of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk; the pedestrian pocket concept presented in Kelbaugh's book of the same title (1989); the transit-oriented design (TOD) articulated by Peter Calthorpe and Shelly Poticha, and; the "quartiers" approach of Leon Krier.
Instead of nicotine, however, TNDS would deliver enough nutrition to enable warfighters to keep functioning until they have access to real meals and the time to eat them, Darsch said.
The key to the success of TNDs, apparently, is an increasing desire for a residential setting that's definitely a town.
A hedonic pricing study of six TNDs by Tu and Eppli found that people were willing to pay a considerable premium for homes in TNDs versus conventional suburban developments, a premium that was independent of housing-unit quality.
TNDs spurred formation of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), the San Francisco-based nonprofit founded in 1993.
But Shifu Tnds a way to train the overweight panda, not so much by using the ancient rituals of martial arts but by using food as an enticement.
But with the proliferation of TNDs do we n the risk of creating a new version of the cookie-utter community across America?