TNEThe New Era
TNETransnational Education
TNETina Network Element
TNETarjeta Nacional Estudiantil (Spanish: National Student Card; Chile)
TNEThe Net Effect (UK)
TNETeachers for a New Era (education reform initiative)
TNETrans-Nasal Esophagoscopy
TNETolerable Negative Error (weights and measures)
TNETrusted Network Environment
TNEThe New Economics
TNEThe Networked Enterprise (Ken Thompson book)
TNETumeurs Neuro-Endocrines (French: Neuroendocrine Tumors)
TNETrophée Nature Ensil (French: Nature Ensil Trophy; sports competition)
TNETest Nacelle Equipment
TNEThermal Noise Effect
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Pangilinan said SLU is among the 10 universities in the country with a TNE exchange scholarship program with the UK.
on Expenance navrng successfuity competed similar works in SSNL comprising of eitner sucetation or air-conoitioning service as part of scope of wonc dunng last seven years ending last day of montn previous to tne one m wnicn applications are invited, snouid De eitner of tne following:
Debido a que los TNE sobreexpresan receptores de somatostatina --principalmente el subtipo 2 (SSR2), que luego de unirse a su ligando es internalizado--, la terapia con analogos de somatostatina marcados con un radionuclido emisor de particulas beta ([beta]) es una opcion para aquellos pacientes con enfermedad avanzada donde no esta indicada la cirugia u otras estrategias de citoreduccion.
05) entre TE y TnE (Tabla 2), salvo por el valor de monocitos y eosinofilos en donde los organismos del grupo TE poseen un valor significativamente superior (p<0.
The TNE market in Dubai is among the fastest growing in the world, expanding by 15% in the last few years, with revenues reaching $148 million, according to research from the Parthenon Group.
En relacion al diagnostico, se recomienda la clasificacion de la OMS 2010 de tumores del sistema digestivo, basada en el concepto de que todo TNE tiene potencial maligno y debe ser clasificado de acuerdo a su grado y estadiaje.
Rhona Greenhill, co-founder of IPSEF, said: "The TNE market in Dubai is growing rapidly, with many prominent international higher education institutions already setting up branches in the emirate, and many more keenly looking at this market for future growth.
The university's extensive portfolio of internationalisation projects incorporates several TNE partnerships delivered via a variety of methods including validation and franchise; joint delivery in the case of the partnership with Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI) in South Korea (whereby one semester is taught at Cardiff Met, with the other two at SADI); as well as offering "external moderation" or quality assurance guidance and developmental advice and "flying faculty".
The coastal waters throughout tne archipelago wilk be slight to moderate, Pagasa said.
Looking at Centro's map of the new bus routes, every area around here has a direct link to the hospital except for Finley Road from Gosford Green to Brandon Road, despite this being a direct main route from tne city centre to the hospital with a bus lane put in at considerable cost many years ago specifically to speed the bus journeys there.
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