TNESThe Never Ending Story (film)
TNESTibial Nerve Electrical Stimulation
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Moreover, it tests the two mediation models against a dataset of leading TNEs from 2004 to 2011, provides robust evidence in support for a model in which knowledge-based assets mediate the relationship between transnationality and financial performance conditional on R&D, and helps resolve the T--P relationship puzzle in current discussion.
Since the pioneering work of Coase (1937), internalization theory has analysed firms in relation to imperfect markets, and become the theoretical foundation for research on TNEs. A number of scholars applied internalization theory to the transnationality of a firm, including Buckley and Casson (1976), Hennart (1982), Hymer (1976), McManus (1972), Swedenborg (1979), and Rugman (1981).
As Bastian must name the Empress in "TNES," so we are called upon in Mark to name our Lord in every generation in order to maintain the health of Christ's ministry and dominion.
Whilst the UAE has risen as a preferred study destination by TNEs since 2009, the UK, USA, Australia and Canada have all faced a six to eight per cent drop in popularity, Dr Ayoub said, quoting the QS Trends in International Student Mobility report.
During the forum, Dr Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), said global transnational education (TNE) students are increasingly seeing Dubai as a global higher education hub, like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada,
We conducted a study to analyze the effectiveness of transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) as an alternative to operative endoscopy (OE) for the evaluation of primary head and neck cancers and for the surveillance of synchronous esophageal cancers.
The presence of some uninsured DFI in seemingly high-risk countries suggests that there must be mechanisms that at least under certain conditions sustain mutually beneficial relationships between host governments and TNEs without third party enforcement.
In a similar vein, Tomlinson, following Cornelius Castoridadis, calls for the reformulation of the `social imaginary' so that `qualitative goals and visions' not `quantitative growth' become the focus of modern societies.(8) As one cannot expect this reformulation to come from TNEs, one must turn to the margins, to peace movements, environmentalists, women's groups and to cultural nationalists in marginalized nations.(9)
Oliner and Sichel estimate that computer stocks were a mere 2 percent of total nonresidential equipment and structures (TNES) stock in nominal dollars in 1993.
Ibought an acrylic cutting board for meat, because bacteria love to hunker down in little crevices in a wooden board: tnes of thousands can live in a single knife mark.
The development of new technology allows us to perform transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE) without the need to sedate our patients.