TNFBTumor Necrosis Factor, Beta
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308 G/A No association with fat redistribution and TNFA -308 or TNFB -250 polymorphisms TNFB G/C 7/7 genotype significant predictor of hyperbiliumbinemia after starting antazanavir therapy UG[T.
Homozygous TNFB patients also had increased production of TNF[alpha], IL-6, and IL-8 on endotoxin challenge.
With the method described above, 11 of 36 messages studied were undetectable in either PAXgene or EDTA blood from either donor (ILlA, IL2, IL4, IL6, IL7, IL-12p40, GM-CSF, TNFB, MMP1, MMP2, and CYCLD).