TNGPTaman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango
TNGPTelehealth Network Grant Program
TNGPTasmanian Natural Gas Project
TNGPTanzania Gender Networking Programme
TNGPTrans-New Guinea Phylum (language)
TNGPTotal Number of Gaze Points
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By focusing on the example of the TNGP language community of Fataluku in Lautem district, I seek to draw attention to aspects of linguistic and cultural fusion that, in certain respects, dissolve or blur the conceptual distinction implied in the terms Austronesian and non-Austronesian.
63) For this reason, one conventional view of the existing pockets of putative TNGP languages in areas of the eastern Indonesian archipelago, is that they represent remnant populations of a western expansion of Papuan languages that predated Austronesian intervention.
They look like 'Austronesians in linguistic disguise', where a Papuan or specifically a TNGP language has been grafted onto an Austronesian cultural base.
Shuman, who won four consecutive Turkey Night races in the early 1980s, was attending his first TNGP at Irwindale.
NASCAR Nextel Cup veteran driver Jason Leffler of Long Beach, the 1999 TNGP champion, was running in third place when a lapped car pinched him down in turn 4, causing him to spin on the 48th lap.
In the event of a change of control of Terra, the acquiring company would assume control of TNGP with no change in TNGP's role as general partner of the partnership.