TNHCTrue North Hockey Canada (est. 1990)
TNHCTexas Natural History Collection (Texas Memorial Museum, Austin, TX, USA)
TNHCThe Nevada Hydro Company
TNHCThe Norwegian Helsinki Committee (Oslo, Norway)
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A los curadores de los siguientes museos y colecciones: AMNH, ANSP, BYU, CAS, CM, CUMV, CNAR, ECO-CH-H, ECO-SC-H, FMNH, IHNHERP, KU, LACM, LSUMZ, MPM, MZ-UNICACH, MCZ, MZFC, OMNH, TCWC, TNHC, UF, UAEH, UMMZ, USNM, UTEP y YPM.
No specific locality, TNHC 25020; Bustamante, UNL 3934-35; Chipinque, UNL 5542; Galeana, near, FMNH 30615; Horse Tail Falls, FMNH 30616-17, 39824, SM 11521, UIMNH 3793, UK 148600, UNL 2701-02, Ituribe, UMMZ 95207; Ituribe, 14.4 mi E, CM 90356; La Cienega, 3.6 mi W, CM 90357; Linares, 18 mi WSW, TCWC 53026; Linares-Galeana Road, UAZ 41743; Montemorelos, 2 km NW, TCWC 653, 885; Montemorelos, 20 mi N, FMNH 40252; Monterrey, vicinity, BYU 41893, UNL 40, 510, 1931, 2070, 2485-86, 3049, 3892, USNM 7297; Santa Catarina, 18 mi W, UIMNH 6389.
McEachran; Texas Natural History Collection (TNHC, now includes TTU), Austin, D.
Voucher specimens have been deposited in the Texas Natural History Collections (TNHC), The University of Texas at Austin.
A 15 mm SL individual was trapped in the upper spring run in the City Park area and this and the individual captured from Houston have been deposited in the TNHC museum collections.
Jackson), University of Texas-Texas Memorial Museum (TNHC, R.
Voucher specimens are deposited in the Texas Natural History Collection, University of Texas, Austin (TNHC).
mirabilis (TNHC 26102) was collected at the State Highway 70 crossing and two specimens (TNHC 26101) were collected at the US Highway 83 crossing.
Two specimens (TNHC 26104) were collected at the State Highway 207 crossing, Hutchinson County.
A female (TNHC 33012), 623 mm SVL, displayed a color pattern similar to Chihuahuan Desert M.
SW Cuatro Cienegas de Carranza, N tip Sierra de San Marcos; TNHC 33012, 9 mi.
Specimens examined were preserved either as skins accompanied by skulls or in alcohol and deposited in the following collections (museum abbreviations given in parentheses): Corpus Christi State University Vertebrate Collection (CCSU); Texas A & I University Vertebrate Collection (A & I); Pan American University Vertebrate Collection (PAU); Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection, A & M University (TCWC); Texas Natural History Collection, University of Texas at Austin (TNHC); The Museum, Texas Tech University (TTU); U.