TNLMThe Number of Lines in a Method
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nonlinear unit root tests Series [NLADF.sub.DM] [NLADF.sub.DT] [NLADF.sub.RAW DATA] HEXP -2.013 -2.179(1) 1.680 LHEXP -2.056 -2.846 (2) 1.735 The 1 % and 5 % critical values for the tNLRAW DATA, tNLT, and tNLM test are respectively, -2.22, -2.82, -3.48, -2.93, -3.93, and -3.40.
The US Army Infantry Center at Fort Benning, Georgia, is the proponent for the TNLM. The first version of the TNLM will be an airburst munition providing longer-range engagement capabilities for the MK19 and the M203.