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Given the shortage of speech-language pathologist and audiologists in primary care in Minas Gerais and given that teleconsulting in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences can be a tool for extending assistance to the population, this study was developed in order to describe the profile of teleconsultation in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences performed by the TNMG.
The study included all consecutive Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences teleconsultations carried out by TNMG. The data refers to the period of February 2011 to May 2014.
TNMG's teleconsultation system is a proprietary system, accessed by individual login and password, with encrypted content, ensuring the security and confidentiality of data, as recommended by the councils that govern professional practice in telehealth.
As for the ethical aspects, TNMG, including its teleconsulting actions in speech-language pathology, requires secrecy and responsibility of its professionals, regarding the processing of data.
During the period of the study, there were 42,256 teleconsultations in all specialties at TNMG, and 321 (0.8%) in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.