TNMHCTotal Non-Methane Hydrocarbons
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The foam demonstrated a 98 percent control efficiency for odor and 100 percent control for methane and TNMHC for foam applied immediately after application.
Tarpaulins/geotextiles demonstrated a range of performance, showing 99 percent and 100 percent control efficiency for odor, respectively; 100 percent control efficiency for methane (both); and, 100 percent control for TNMHC (both) immediately after application.
Control efficiency immediately after application was 82 percent control for odor, 100 percent for methane, and 0 percent control for TNMHC. The time weighted (overnight) control efficiency for fabric panels was 82 percent for odor, 85 percent control for methane, and zero percent control for TNMHC.