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TNNThe National Network (formerly The Nashville Network)
TNNThe Nashville Network (now The National Network)
TNNTainan, Taiwan (Airport Code)
TNNTransport Network Node
TNNThe Nerd Network (online gaming clan)
TNNTransactions on Neural Networks (IEEE)
TNNTimes News Network
TNNTelevision News Network (Pakistan)
TNNTotally No-Noise (Zalman computer case)
TNNThéatre National de Nice (French: National Theater of Nice)
TNNTrinitronaphthalene (explosives)
TNNThomasNet News
TNNTermnet News
TNNThe Net Now (Internet Design and Hosting)
TNNTribulation News Network (Kissimmee, FL; est. 1997)
TNNTravel Nurse Network
TNNTransport News Network Ltd (UK)
TNNTactical Network Nodal
TNNTurner News Network
TNNTeleNewsNetwork (Germany)
TNNThe Naughton Network (Australia)
TNNTanjung Nusa Niwe
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In this paper, a VPVS denoising method with specific denoising flow is proposed based on TNN. The study of the VPVS denoising method includes two parts: establishing a thresholding function as the activation function of TNN and selecting the threshold through unsupervised learning of TNN.
In the second step, a TNN is used to predict both approximated scale and detailed scales, respectively.
Graph-theoretic interpretations of the nonnegativity of the numbers det([A.sub.I,J]) for A TNN were given by Karlin and MacGregor [KM59] and Lindstrom [Lin73].
The McClatchy Co., parent of TNN, said the unit had about $12 million in revenue last year.
Vertis will buy TNN's sales, marketing and media planning operation and will continue to operate them under The Newspaper Network name.
Don't miss Bushnell's Secrets of the Hunt, a new 30-minute television show now, appearing weekly on TNN Outdoors.
In addition, CBS Cable says it will work with Wrenchead to explore the development of programming targeting the automotive enthusiast for its country lifestyle cable channel, TNN.
has announced the move of its three-and-a-half-year-old Tax News Network (TNN), an online source of tailored tax information and analysis delivered directly to members' desktops, to the World Wide Web (http://
Instead, let's focus on a couple of series rerun on TNN. The first is The Dukes of Hazzard.
"Baby, Now That I've Found You," at the Grand Ole Opry (TNN, 27 November 1993).