TNNPTerra Nova National Park (Canada)
TNNPTuktut Nogait National Park (Canada)
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Moose Management Area 27 (MMA 27) is located to the immediate west of TNNP and is 3,620 [km.sup.2] in area (Fig.
1986) was used to count moose in TNNP and MMA 27 from mid-January to late March 2001.
Ionic currents in the propagation model were computed with the Ten Tusscher-Noble-Noble-Panfilov (TNNP) model of the human ventricular myocyte (10).
Ionic currents were computed with the TNNP (Ten Tusscher-Noble-Noble-Panfilov) model for the human ventricular myocyte (8).
Selected parameters of the ionic model Parameters LV epi LV M (LV&RV) RV M endo Gto, nS/pF 0.294 0.294 0.073 0.504 GKs, nS/pF 0.245 0.062 0.245 0.112 GKr, nS/pF 0.096 0.096 0.096 0.096 Parameters RV epi XS XL Gto, nS/pF 0.882 0.294 0.073 GKs, nS/pF 0.490 0.735 0.010 GKr, nS/pF 0.096 0.096 0.020 Parameter values that are different from the original TNNP model (8) are printed in bold type.