TNNT1Troponin T1, Skeletal, Slow
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The amounts of troponin T1 (Tnnt1), troponin I (Tnni1), and tropomyosin 2 (Tpm2) were significantly higher in the skeletal muscle of mice treated with FSDTAE relative to mock group mice (Figure 4).
Tnnt1 (skeletal muscle slowtwitch TnT) is the slow skeletal tropomyosin-binding subunit of the troponin complex and plays an essential role in the regulation of striated muscle contraction.
With known Precise function (12 function genes 43%) unknown (16 genes-57%) Immune response Immunoglobulin M27752, X53400, (10 genes-36%) related AJ400981, X86534, X80972, X66457 T-cell receptor AF041900, related AF158133, Z12217, Z86011 Enzymes Fam213b/ Cyp2g1, lactate (8 genes-29%) C1orf93, Tdh, dehydrogenase Acaa1a, Pik3cd, A-4 pseudogene, Phka1, Cbs Others B-cell Cxcl13 (8 genes-29%) Chemotaxis TLR-4 Cnpy4 related Slirp, Tnnt1, Zfp92, Gm10762 Hint2, Nub1 Unclassified AF357337, (2 genes-7%) AK018247 TABLE 3: Group analysis of genes that decrease their expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by alliin pretreatment and after LPS stimuli.