TNOSCTheater Network Operations and Security Center
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When I returned from visiting the TNOSCs, I spoke to Maj.
All of these other capabilities, the area processing centers, the Fixed Regional Hub Nodes, the TNOSCs, they will all work for NETCOM/9th Signal Command.
The A-GNOSC and TNOSCs are the network's guardians.
Additionally, the TNOSCs also provide NetOps and service desk functions-- ensuring the seamless delivery of standardized enterprise services--while the A-GNOSC serves as the Army's operational arm into the world of the Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations.
The FSR's along with network management support at the TNOSC is INSCOM/G-2 funded.
DigitalNet has extensive knowledge and past understanding of our IT requirements," stated LTC Michael Shillinger, TNOSC Director.
Following the 9/11 attacks and through commencement of the ground war in early 2003, 335th maintained over 120 soldiers forward to stand up and operate the Theater TNOSC at Camp Doha in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
TNOSCs serve as the NSCs' management component, coordinating and synchronizing the provisioning of network resources, protecting the network, and staging information to meet the needs of the operational commander.
Besides the TNOSC directors, FA24 LTCs may complete joint qualification and continue to gain network operations skills and experiences.
If that is you, contact the FA24 branch manager and request an assignment to the CONUS TNOSC.
Though limited in their scope the GCCC TNOSC communicated on a daily and as-needed basis with the U.
TNOSCs provide the NSC-P and other organizations NETOPS situational awareness and reporting information, and work closely with Regional Computer Emergency Response Teams in the defense portion of their mission.