TNOTThe Nature of Things
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thereEL LOWDOWN TNot BEST QUOTE: "A fearsome giant race hunger to conquer the mortals below, waiting for the seeds of revenge to grow."
TNot just any Clarence, but the one whose name is part of Emley Clarence Cricket Club that was founded in 1888.
TNot only did it deprive 700 workers of their jobs, it carved a huge scar right in the heart of the city.
TNot that Kenny Jackett has any concerns at all about his back five.
But theirony of this reasoning for tnot having the vaccine is that they are putting their child at risk from mumps and rubella and the potentially-fatal measles.
TNot because there's been anything wrong with the food or service there, but, I guess, simply because this city now has so many great places to eat that it's difficult to remember them all.
HE outcry over zero-hours contracts is Tnot going to die down any time soon, especially with an estimated one million people on them in this country.
TNot that we interviewed her for what was being billed as her "homecoming" set of shows in Cardiff.
HE shameful treatment of the Stephenson family will Tnot add to Turkey's reputation as a destination for a good holiday.
TNot Remain or Leave, but do we want Dodgy Dave or Bonking Boris in Downing Street?
TNot that I cared very much, even though the organisation issued a portentous statement to its users that said: "We thank you for making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day."
TNot only is he a published writer with an impeccable academic pedigree, he's also keenly interested in science, an enthusiastic player of musical instruments, a performer and composer.