TNPATasmanian National Parks Association (Australia)
TNPATexas Notary Public Association
TNPATropang Negosyante Po Ako (Philippines student business organization; De La Salle University-Dasmariñas; Philippines)
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Table 1: PCR primers used to detect CagA, CagE, CagM, CagT, orf10, orf13, TnpA, and TnpB in H.
TNPA has selected Autonomy's Connected Backup solution from local Autonomy Data Protection partner, Altonet, to enable intelligent, automated and secure backup for more than 1,800 laptops and desktops across all eight of its port sites.
TNPA = target firms' total net pension assets divided by the sum of
Elements belonging to KPC transposon Tn4401, including tnpA, tnpR, ISKpn6, and ISKpn7 (14), were identified by PCR and sequencing on both KPC-3--encoding plasmids originating from Kpn1 and Eco2.
Sequencing of the insertion element (IS)26-F/R amplification product showed the location of IS26 transposase A gene (tnpA), followed by a truncated ISEcp1 mobile element upstream of the [bla.sub.CTX-M-15] gene.
Part of an open reading frame that shared 97% nucleotide identity with that of the transposase gene tnpA of the transposon Tn2501 (Tn3 family) was identified downstream of [bla.sub.IMI-2] (33).