TNPIThe Network People, Inc.
TNPITrans Northern Pipelines Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)
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TNPI's rationale for installing a new SCADA system was based on a number of economic and other factors.
After satisfying the leak detection requirement, TNPI was most interested in batch tracking, distributed control, automated centralized measurement, inventory control and automated administration.
TNPI decided at the specification stage that full functionality for each operator at product delivery points and centralized offices was needed.
With this level of integration, the independently run pipelines which are part of TNPI's system can exchange data and monitor each other's activities in a seamless manner.
One aspect of the TNPI system that differentiates it from other transmission company installations is the complexity of the batch-tracking operation.
To communicate with the master system, TNPI installed a series of Texas Instruments PLCs located at the various delivery points and pumping stations.
Time-tagged and qualified event, timeline and transaction data can be directly injected into XIS by CMX or TNPI's legacy applications through its local open client interface (OCI).
TNPI runs an almost totally redundant system to each delivery and control point on the system.
Toronto control center is linked through a gateway to the TNPI MIS department running on a Novell Network.
TNPI uses a Texas Instruments proprietary Tiway network protocol to communicate with the field PLCs.