TNPRTotal Non Profit Resources (online resource; Canada)
TNPRTransmit Next Pointer Register (computing)
TNPRThe National Poetry Review
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The TNPR scale enables a greater number of risk-relevant dynamic factors to be assessed.
Elements belonging to KPC transposon Tn4401, including tnpA, tnpR, ISKpn6, and ISKpn7 (14), were identified by PCR and sequencing on both KPC-3--encoding plasmids originating from Kpn1 and Eco2.
Plasmids IncFI/97, NTP101, PZM3, and TP181 were also positive for the presence of the 4.4-kb SphI band (Figure 2C), which is predicted to contain the tnpM (regulator), the tnpR (resolvase), and part of the tnpA (transposase) genes of Tn21-like transposons (GenEMBL accession no.