TNRCCTexas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
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John Hall, the first chairman at the TNRCC, got high marks on his performance from Ann, the business community, and the press, but he told me about being summoned to Bullock's office and tongue-lashed.
forwarded approximately eighty letters, originally mailed to TNRCC and
In addition to PODER and TNRCC, representatives from Enviro Waste were in attendance at the meeting.
In addition to the VCP, the Texas Legislature amended the state's Solid Waste Disposal Act, and the TNRCC enacted Subchapter T, Chapter 330 of the Texas Administrative Code in 1995.
Another part of the TNRCC proposal includes an accelerated Tier 2/3 engine purchase rule that requires the early retirement and replacement of off-highway diesel equipment with Tier 2 or Tier 3 engines starting in 2004.
This plan constitutes a blueprint for cleaner air and federal compliance in Houston," said TNRCC Chairman Robert Huston.
The system is being developed by the TNRCC, its partner agencies, and contractors pursuant to comprehensive water- management legislation enacted by the Texas legislature in 1997.
The Texas legislature has instructed the TNRCC to promote submetering, and the hearings have focused on this issue.
766 authorizes the TNRCC "to issue a voluntary emissions reduction permit to facilities not subject to the requirements of obtaining permits.
On McBee's watch, the TNRCC repealed surprise inspections of chemical plants, refineries, and other regulated industries in favor of more lenient advance-notice inspections.
The RCRA arrangement gave TNRCC authority over investigation and cleanup decisions and the opportunity to fine the base for noncompliance with the agreement's monitoring and reporting requirements.