TNRDThompson-Nicola Regional District (British Columbia, Canada)
TNRDThoracic Nerve Root Dysfunction
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The TNRD area is semi-desert, with pine trees (both natural and planted in stands for future harvest) and with cattle ranching and haying operations.
Table 1 describes the municipalities in the TNRD and provides some information on the size of the council and the number of senior administrators.
Having observed that the pooled responses from the TNRD exhibit a tendency to Council dominance, the next question we posed was whether this perspective was shared equally by both the Mayors and the City Managers.
However, comparing our rather muted results with Svara's (1990: 75), the data from the TNRD looked most like that for council-manager cities, rather than those of either strong- or weak-mayor and council cities.
While all TNRD towns and municipalities may resemble the US weak mayor and council in their structure, perhaps their size causes the similarity in behaviour to US council-manager cities in the late 1980s.
On the government side, MOT, TNRD, and the City of Kamloops were missed at the table.