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TNTCToo Numerous to Count
TNTCToo Numerous To Count (microbiology)
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Twenty one villages use water from the nallahs and fecal coliform contamination was from 4 - 500 cfu at the source, 1 -1350 cfu in the beginning of the distribution system, 44 - TNTC in the middle and 110 - TNTC in the end of the distribution system.
In our case, the [10.sup.-2] dilution was excluded because most of the plates were scored as TNTC. We would also recommend excluding the [10.sup.-5] dilution because colony counts were low and, hence, more prone to sampling error than dilutions with large colony counts.
Within days, results were reported as TNTC. Initially it was suspected that some form of contamination occurred during the annual maintenance work on the system.
Wright, The Epistles of Paul to the Colossians and to Philemon (TNTC 12; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1986) p.166 and Brian M.
In the months of June, September, and October samples were too numerous to count (TNTC).
33 27 Minimum to maximum (CFU/[m.sup.3]) < LOD- > TNTC < LOD-627 percent samples < LOD 15 11 percent samples > TNTC 18 0 Arithmetic mean (CFU/[m.sup.3]) 739 159 Geometric mean (CFU/[m.sup.3]) 157(a) 69.7a Geometric SD 10 4.6 2-3 hr after spraying began No.
With the presence E.coli and of the too numerous to count (TNTC) total coliform, the raw deepwell water samples from the seven municipalities are considered unfit for human consumption, unless regular treatment for disinfection, such as chlorination, is applied.
In support of this, sporadic very high levels ("too numerous to count" or TNTC) were found four times for the sponge, twice for the mop and toilet basin, and once each for the main light switch, the bathroom floor, and the bathroom sink.
Thus, impossible plate count readings--too numerous to count (TNTC) and [greater than]5,700 CFUs/mL, for instance--were avoided.
For plates showing more than 1,000 colonies, the colonies were recorded as too numerous to count (TNTC).