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However, a simple, fast and cost-effective approach in modifying the TNTs for enhancing their electrochemical properties is much more desirable.
A weighted amount of 0.25gm powder of sodium titanate (TNTs), Bacillus (Bt) and their nanocomposite (Bt-TNTs) was dissolved in 250 ml distilled water.
Interestingly, these TNTs also allow the trafficking of a number of different cargos between the connected cells, therefore increasing the combinatorial complexity of these cell-to-cell connections and their biological outcome, as summarized in Table 1.
In the proposed approach of the multi-point characteristic, the [AC.sub.Y] negotiates concurrently with the SPAs through the [AAC.sub.Z], which reduces the number of TNTs, as shown in equation (4).
(a) The first uses extended network topology information, found in the TNTs of the network and primarily involves calculations of kick node procedures, and (b) the second one involves only the less demanding criteria of the former.
Titanium nanotubes (TNTs) having a high surface area, chemical stability (under alkali or acidic conditions), and sunlight sensitization have been employed for potential applications in photoinduced reactions [1], sensitized electrodes [2, 3], and driven water cleavage for hydrogen generation [4].
Before I present concrete examples I consider first in Table 1 the types of TNTs that are theoretically possible given a total word length between three and six letters.
Adam Garfinkle, then TNTs editor, wrote that in an "age of New-Economy Wilsonianism" America should pursue a strategy "that expands the deep peace, preserves American primacy, and spreads Wilsonian institutions worldwide." Then came 9/11 and Iraq, and the tension between the two camps rose to a head.
1994-2004, per cent (a) 2003 1994 1998 2000 2001 2002 (b) 2004 Businesses with 49 63 76 84 84 83 85 Computers Business with Internet na 29 56 69 71 71 74 access Businesses with Web na 6 16 22 24 23 25 presence (a) Proportions are of all businesses (b) Changed survey frame due to The New Tax System (TNTS), some caution required against making comparisons between 2003 and subsequent estimates.
Muzzle velocities range from 2,200 fps in Federal 30-grain TNTs to 1,555 fps in CCI 50-grain Maxi-Mags.
(E) estimated figure, (*) did not use the Times Square Ticket Center (TNTS) reduced-rate booth last week, (perf) performances, (pr) previews.