TNVCTactical Night Vision Company (Loma Linda, CA)
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Speaking of telescopic observations, this is where the TNVC Night Vision system really eclipsed my experiences with the [I.sup.3] Piece.
While the performance of the TNVC system was outstanding for the objects mentioned above, it was far less effective on diffuse objects such as nebulae and galaxies, with the exception of some hydrogen-emission nebulae that I'll mention later in this review.
As much as I savor the "natural" view through a telescope eyepiece, the increased magnitude reach available with the TNVC system became almost addictive at times.
But when shooting with the TNVC system I kept all 10 frames and later exported them for stacking with astronomical image-processing software.
One of the most interesting experiences I had with the TNVC system is clearly biased by my long standing interest in the glowing clouds of hydrogen scattered throughout the Milky Way.
As exciting as the TNVC Night Vision System is, ownership of one comes with a catch, and in this case it's legal.
Caption: The heart of the TNVC Night Vision System is a standard-issue PVS-14 monocular.