TNVSTennessee Native Veterans Society (Crossville, TN)
TNVSTanzanian National Voucher Scheme
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The regulatory body opened 5,000 slots in August for TNVS operators, after its meeting with transport network companies, such as Grab, Owto, Hype, and others.
In a message sent to reporters, the LTFRB said it has so far released a total of 5,061 CPCs to aspiring TNVS drivers and operators since the inception of TNVS in the country.
The last qualification, however, has yet to be clarified by both Arta and LTFRB as often, TNVS drivers who may have complied with the documentary requirements have yet to be given a hearing date.
"LTFRB is hereby ordered to issue the corresponding CPCs, or other appropriate licenses or certifications for all these TNVS applications," stated the first ARTA Order to a government agency following the effectivity of the IRR last August 4.
A memorandum circular issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in 2018 allowed hatchbacks to operate as TNVS in Metro Manila only for three years.
13) released an order declaring all pending but complete, duly-paid and duly-heard TNVS applications as automatically approved, and ordered the LTFRB to release the Certificates of Public Convenience (CPC) or other appropriate licenses or certifications for these applicants.
In an order of automatic approval, the Arta declared the completeness of all pending TNVS applications before the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) that have no missing documents, were duly paid and were duly heard from July 7-20 days after the effectivity of the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) law-until July 24-20 days immediately prior to the issuance of the order.
'LTFRB is further directed to furnish the Authority with a list of all pending TNVS applications that have submitted the complete documentary requirements, have duly paid the required fees, and have been duly heard from 07 July 2018 until 24 July 2019, but whose CPCs are yet to be issued, within three days from receipt of this Order,' ARTA added.
"This is a positive step towards resolving the issues surrounding TNVS operation," she added.
LTFRB officials argued that only hatchback vehicles that were among the 55,000 TNVS units in the master list and whose applications were filed from March 5 to Dec.