TNWSTactical Naval Warfare System
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Moreover, TNWs are not an answer to a concentrated artillery fire at the LoC, working boundary or international border.
Same thinking persists in south Asia, Pakistan being conventionally inferior consider the TNWs or strategic weapons as the only credible guarantee to deter the Indian military from any undesirable action against Pakistan.
Currently, the US has 500 TNWs in its arsenal, 2750 in storage and 180 deployed with NATO.
Nagal, Balraj (2016) Escalation Control and the Case of Pakistan's TNWs for Battlefield Use: Futility of Thinking and Judgement.
Bush ordered to withdraw all land-based TNWs from overseas bases and all sea-based TNWs from U.S.
Pakistan, for its part, has responded by fielding TNWs and revising its war-fighting doctrine in the hopes of dispelling India's escalation dominance concept and reinforcing deterrence stability.
TNW currently offers rifles and pistols in three calibers: .45 ACP, .40 S&W and 9x19mm.
of tributaries, the definition of RPWs, and the scope of TNWs. (109)
The Supreme Court decided the EPA and Corps will continue to assert jurisdiction over traditional navigable waters (TNWs) and wetlands adjacent to TNWs.
Media reports based on intelligence leaks have revealed the forward deployment by the Pakistani military of low-yield (five kilotons or less) tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs).
They also point to the arsenal of loosely guarded Russian tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs), some of which are also already missing.
Pakistan developed TNWs to deter India's conventional military superiority.