TNZToll New Zealand (Toll Group)
TNZThunder New Zealand (gaming clan)
TNZTelecom New Zealand
TNZTransit New Zealand
TNZThermoneutral Zone
TNZTaekwondo New Zealand (est. 2005)
TNZTodi Neesh Zhee Singers (band)
TNZThe Nintendo Zone (forum)
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The first, TNZ Maintenance Work, will focus primarily on hard services.
Kevin Bowler, Chief Executive, TNZ, said, "Under the MoU, Air New Zealand and TNZ will each invest NZD ten million over the next 12 months in cooperative marketing activity in the key markets of Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North America, the UK and Europe as well as increased activity in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Latin America.
Under the new arrangements, TNZ will keep its retail, network and
pylori positive patients consisted of 20 mg OPZ (bid), 750 mg AMC (bid) and 500 mg TNZ (bid) for 7 days, followed by 20 mg OPZ (qd) for 21 more days.
In November, a government select committee recommended that TNZ divide its operations into separate units for fixed-wire, retail and wholesale networks, a much more radical proposal than the accounting separation between its retail and wholesale units proposed by TNZ.
An agreement to provide high-quality SMS transmission has been signed by TynTec, a mobile messaging operator, with TNZ Group Ltd, a messaging solutions provider in New Zealand.
Being able to include all of these little concepts has given way to a sigh of relief for the TNZ team.
This case focuses on some of the many challenges encountered by management of the TNZ syndicate in mounting their defense in a highly competitive environment, and their ability to choose the appropriate organisational structure and personnel necessary to meet those challenges.
We got to a point where we had a significant number of people choosing immediately to press zero to speak to an operator," says Jared Mortlock, speech implementation manager at TNZ.
Shaw becomes chief operating officer for South Pacific Pictures after a final sojourn at Mipcom TV mart in Cannes for TNZ.
pylori eradication therapy consisted of 20 mg OPZ (bid), 750 mg AMC (bid) and 500 mg TNZ (bid) for 7 days.