TO1titanium oxide whisker
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Before frozen storage (0 d), the free sulfhydryl content of the samples in the descending order was [T.sub.C], To2, and To1, respectively.
Sorouh says that its cash balance at the end of 2010 is down to1.3 billion Dirhams (US$ 354.2) compared to a much more
Bedworth Youth Centre will offer sessions for ten to1 3 year olds as well as 13-19 year olds.
KARACHI, June 2 -- Sindh Food Minister, Mir Nadir Khan Magsi, said the government has procured the largest ever batch of wheat, with the total quantity amounting to1.5 million metric tonnes.
Riyadh, October 07, SPA --Saudi Customs foiled during the past three months the smuggling of counterfeit goods amounted to1,600,000 items .
The firm saw connections jump 15.1 per cent in the quarter to1.78million.
Meanwhile close to1,000 petition letters have been signed by fans in support of Zola's fight for the right to UK residency and the TRSA have received messages of support over the internet from Tranmere exiles in Australia, Germany, USA, Dubai and Japan
Seating will be available for 300 on a first come, first served basis, on Thursday,March 25 from 12.30pm to1.30pm.
Apples remain Washington's to1) crop, worth almost $1 billion per year.
Manchester United, reputed home of the prawn sandwich-munching fan, finished bottom, selling pies to1.04 per cent of their average crowd last season.