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TOADTheory of a Deadman (band)
TOADTony Orlando and Dawn (pop music group)
TOADTool for Oracle Application Development
TOADTool for Oracle Application Developers (Quest Software)
TOADTobyhanna Army Depot
TOADTeraHertz Optical Asymmetric Demultiplexer (IEEE)
TOADToggle Only Actuated Device
TOADTemporarily on Academic Duty
TOADTemporary, Obsolete, Abandoned or Derelict
TOADTake Off and Die (surfing slang)
TOADThe Open Acronym Database
TOADTactical Operator And Driver
TOADTabulation Of Approvals & Disapprovals
TOADTerahertz Optical Asymmetric De-Multiplexer
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'Little green toad whose leg doth twist, Go to the corner of which you wist, And bring to me the large old kist.'
And the little toad went and brought out a great chest.
All the disagreeable recollections of the morning were thick upon her, when Tom, whose displeasure toward her had been considerably refreshed by her foolish trick of causing him to upset his cowslip wine, said, "Here, Lucy, you come along with me," and walked off to the area where the toads were, as if there were no Maggie in existence.
Lecount; they were tenderly interested in everything she looked at -- in Magdalen, in the toad on the rock-work, in the back-yard view from the window; in her own plump fair hands, -- which she rubbed softly one over the other while she spoke; in her own pretty cambric chemisette, which she had a habit of looking at complacently while she listened to others.
For want of a nobler object to attack, it took the direction of the toad. The sight of the hideous little reptile sitting placid on his rock throne, with his bright eyes staring impenetrably into vacancy, irritated every nerve in her body.
Diabolicus , for it is a fit toad to preach in the ear of Eve.
Yet with this high temperature, almost every beetle, several genera of spiders, snails, and land-shells, toads and lizards were all lying torpid beneath stones.
To make answer, or disclose otherwise a consciousness of having inspired an interest in what Herbert Spencer calls "external coexistences," as Satan "squat like a toad" at the ear of Eve, responded to the touch of the angel's spear.
The art of depicting nature as it is seem by toads. The charm suffusing a landscape painted by a mole, or a story written by a measuring-worm.
I don't say there are not toads in the dungeons," replied Baisemeaux.
For more than a week we had seen, besides ourselves and our animals, only such living things as rattlesnakes and horned toads. In an Arizona desert one does not long coexist with only such creatures as these: one must have pack animals, supplies, arms--"an outfit." And all these imply comrades.
And he seized hold of the creeping-plants, and the roots of trees--climbed up the moist stones where the water-snakes were writhing and the toads were croaking--and he gained the summit before the sun had quite gone down.