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Dawn caught up with Liaquat in Islamabad and talked to him about Kung Fu Toai.
ACB's Vice CEO Nguyen Thanh Toai said that ACB officials could still contact Hai, but they do not know how long Hai would be detained by the police investigators.
Bank spokesman Nguyen Thanh Toai described the arrest as "a personal issue".
(9.) That view is reflected throughout A Vietcong Memoir, written by former Vietcong minister of justice Truong Nhu Tang with David Chanoff and Doan Van Toai (New York: Vintage Books, 1985).
John Phuong Dinh Toai, with a background in health, also had his eye on the challenge.
Also included are Richard Wurmbrand, a Jew convened to Christianity who pastored a church in Bucharest, arrested for continuing to spread the gospel; Bela Szasz, a victim of the Hungarian purge against Titoists in 1948; Robert Lob, a young Chinese Communist who escaped the country after a valiant attempt to manage a factory under the new regime; Harold William Rigney, a Catholic priest arrested as an American spy in China in 1951 and systematically tortured; John Martino, an American political prisoner in Cuba; Dean Van Toai, a Saigon government official rounded up and sent to a North Vietnamese prison for 11 years under the guise of reeducation; and Nien Cheng, a casualty of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
Somehow, David Chanoff and Doan Van Toai (who after the war briefly served in the communist government before being jailed and later escaping) have managed to track down former Viet-Cong and assemble a riveting collection of oral histories.
Official and local sources told that war planes targeted diverse areas including Tor Darra, Dwa Toai of Koki Khel and Nakai of Malikdin Khel, killing six militants along with a key commander and injured several others.
Another mandarin, Pham Dinh Toai, reworked it, titled it Dai Nam quoc su dien ca, and had it printed in 1870.
It was abhorrence for the devastation and corruption of the war and disgust for the dictatorial puppet government of Nguyen Van Thieu that put me on the same side of the political street as Toai by the time he was out of jail and I had come home from Vietnam in late 1969.
These included Phan Anh (Minister of Youth), Phan Ke Toai (Viceroy of North Vietnam), Nguyen Van Huong (Phan Ke Toai's Chief of Staff), Ta Quang Buu.