TOAMSTillinghast Older Age Mortality Study (insurance)
TOAMSTable of Allowance Management System (US Navy)
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The data in TOAMS 2 can be used to as a comparison against a company's term, universal life, whole life and variable life products, according to Taht.
The TOAMS 3 package includes the detailed report that shows results from both the traditional experience analysis and the predictive modeling analysis, and also includes the TOAMS 3 Query Tool.
To purchase the complete TOAMS 3 report with predictive modeling analysis, e-mail mortality.
TOAMS 2 includes data and analysis that give insurers the tools they need to appropriately address trends in life expectancy, changes in underwriting and adjustments in product offering, pricing and expansion.
Overall mortality in TOAMS 2 was 74% of 2001 Valuation Basic Mortality Table (VBT), as compared to 78% of 2001 VBT for TOAMS.
The results of TOAMS 2 highlight the need for pricing actuaries to be more refined in their determination of pricing mortality.
In TOAMS 2, mortality results after the level-term period for 10-year term business was available.