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TOBINTrans Oceanic Binary Information Network (marine biology computer network)
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Tobin came back and sat down, and I began to look out for him, for the man's adversities were becoming frequent.
Presently Tobin grabs my arm and says, excited: "Jawn," says he, "do ye know what we're doing?
"Listen," says Tobin. "Ye've no ear for the gift of prophecy or the miracles of the inspired.
The way Tobin put it,it did seem to corroborate the art of prediction, though it looked to me that these accidents could happen to any one at Coney without the implication of palmistry.
Tobin got up and walked around on deck, looking close at the passengers out of his little red eyes.
'Twas the nine-thirty boat, and we landed and walked up-town through Twenty-second Street, Tobin being without his hat.
Tobin saw it at the same time, and I heard him breathe hard like a horse when you take the saddle off.
"Would ye hand us your name," asks Tobin, "and let us look at the size of it?
"'Tis the right length," says Tobin. "Do you spell it with an 'o' anywhere down the stretch of it?"
" Can ye spell it with an 'o'?" inquires Tobin, turning anxious.
"'Tis well," says Tobin. "Ye're in the presence of Jawn Malone and Daniel Tobin."
But Tobin sticks close to one side of him and me at the other.